Author: Zachary Finn

Zachary Finn is a research historian and grants reviewer at the William G. Pomeroy Foundation, and a published author whose works blend historical fiction, folklore, and horror. He currently resides in central New York with his dog, Bruce, and his fiancé, Natalie, and you can usually find him reading, writing, or wandering old cemeteries.

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Historical Markers, Forgotten Cemeteries, and Finding the Revolution in Your Backyard

The din of passing cars and semi-trucks jockeying for position as lanes converge ahead rises above the rattle of leaves clinging to the branches of a towering maple tree above. Across the road, a Walmart Supercenter dominates the landscape. NY-13, a busy throughway in Cortland and Cortlandville, New York, ebbs-and-flows with traffic to and from […]

by Zachary Finn