Author: Stephen John Katzberg

Stephen John Katzberg was born in the Upstate of South Carolina. Steve is the fourth generation to be born within three miles of the same spot in Clinton, South Carolina. Through his mother, Steve is a seventh generation South Carolinian. He was trained as an electrical engineer at MIT and later educated in the same subject at the University of Virginia, where he received his PhD. Steve’s interest in the Revolution stems from his ancestor who fought at the Battle of Cowpens.

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Mapping the Battle of Eutaw Springs: Modern GIS Solves a Historic Mystery

When dealing with available sources to investigate questions related to historical events, the researcher has at his disposal a limited set from which to choose. Contemporaneous accounts, reports, maps, plats, legal filings, and location evidence exist in a more or less complete record. Nevertheless, linking the elements bearing witness to one event or another is […]

by Stephen John Katzberg