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Stephen Brumwell is an award-winning British freelance writer and independent historian based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. A former newspaper journalist, he is the author of several books examining aspects of Anglo-American military history in the second half of the eighteenth century, most recently, Turncoat: Benedict Arnold and the Crisis of American Liberty (Yale University Press, 2018). Stephen's website is at:

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Revisiting B. E. Griffiths: Former Slave, Queen’s Ranger, and “Son of Africa”

In a recent article, Todd Braisted reconstructed the remarkable story of a black Loyalist soldier, “Trumpeter Barney” of the Queen’s Rangers.[1] Through meticulous archival work, Braisted established that Barney, a runaway slave who joined the British at the siege of Charleston, South Carolina, in 1780, was the same man as Barnard E. Griffiths, who was […]

by Stephen Brumwell
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Alexander Hamilton, Benedict Arnold and a “forgotten” Publius

Thanks to a critically-acclaimed and phenomenally popular Broadway musical, Alexander Hamilton has, quite literally, returned to the spotlight. The success of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton, a show inspired by Ron Chernow’s best-selling 2004 biography Alexander Hamilton, has helped to rekindle interest in a man who, even when judged by the exceptional standards of the Founding Fathers, […]

by Stephen Brumwell