Author: Sophie Jaeger

Sophie Jaeger is currently an eleventh grade student at Greenwich High School in Greenwich, Connecticut, and she plans to study history in college. She specifically enjoys studying Revolutionary War Era and Civil War Era history. At school, she participates in Model United Nations, Quiz Bowl Club, China Club, and History Club. During the summer, she volunteers at the Nantucket Historical Association and works at Abigail Fox Designs and Mitchell’s Book Corner. She has won or placed several historical essay contests, including the Sons of the American Revolution George S. and Stella M. Knight Essay Contest.

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The Vermont Constitution of 1777

If the gunfire at Lexington and Concord was the “shot heard round the world,” the phrases in the Declaration of Independence were the words read around the world. In the Declaration, Thomas Jefferson declared America an independent nation, rooting his ideas in political theory and justifying them with a list of grievances.[1] After the Declaration was […]

by Sophie Jaeger