Author: Salina B. Baker

Salina B. Baker is a multiple award-winning historical fiction author, presenter, and historian of the American Revolution. She has presented at events such as History Camp Boston and Valley Forge as well as Authors of the American Revolution Congress at Washington Crossing Historic Park, and Sons of the American Revolution/Daughters of the American Revolution chapters throughout Texas. She has been interviewed on podcasts such as Revolution 250 and American Revolution Podcast. Her latest published work is a biographical novel about Major General Nathanael Greene titled The Line of Splendor, A Novel of Nathanael Greene and the American Revolution.

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John Warren’s Loss of His Brother Joseph Warren

On Saturday, June 17, 1775, Abigail Adams and her seven-year-old son, John Quincy, stood on Penn’s Hill near her home in Braintree, Massachusetts. They watched sulfuric smoke cloud the sky and heard cannon thunder across Boston Harbor from British ships in the Mystic and Charles Rivers bombarding colonial forces who had built a redoubt on […]

by Salina B. Baker