Author: Roger Smith

Dr. Roger Smith received his Ph.D. in Early American History and Atlantic World Studies from the University of Florida. His work on the American Revolution in the South has received the Aschoff Fellowship Dissertation Award and the Jack and Celia Proctor Award in Southern History. Dr. Smith is now an independent research historian with Colonial Research Associates. He has provided consultation involving the AMC television series Turn and is featured in an up-coming documentary on the 450 year history of St. Augustine, Florida. Dr. Smith recently published a series of texts on little-known military, African-American, and women’s Revolutionary War history.

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The Southern Expedition of 1776: The Best Kept Secret of the American Revolution

One of the most enjoyable aspects of researching the history of the American Revolution is the process of looking beneath and/or beyond those events and factoids that survive simply because they are a “given.” “Givens” are the greatest indicators of opportunities to search for missing pieces to any historical puzzle and new questions are the […]

by Roger Smith