Author: Robert N. Fanelli

Robert N. Fanelli is a founding member of the Washington Crossing Revolutionary War Round Table. He serves as a Trustee of the Swan Historical Foundation, which owns the excellent collection of revolutionary war artifacts on display in the museum of the Washington Crossing State Park in Titusville, New Jersey. He is particularly interested in Pennsylvania’s role in the American Revolution, and has lived most of his life along the flanks of Edge Hill, site of an encounter between the American and British armies on December 7, 1777.

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William Allen and His Family: Tories or Patriots?

Common wisdom paints William Allen, a wealthy and prominent Pennsylvanian, as a traitor to the cause of American independence. As the revolution grew, the politically powerful Allen, unwilling to break entirely with Britain, retired from public life, while three of his sons—attainted of treason and forced into exile—had much of their property confiscated. Despite their […]

by Robert N. Fanelli