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R. J. “Rocky” Rockefeller is a Connecticut-born member of a New York family. Raised in Virginia, he took his BA in History from the College of William and Mary. He earned his MA and Ph.D. from the University of Maryland College Park. His specialties include colonial America, early modern England, Maryland history, and world military history. He served for more then a dozen years at the Maryland State Archives before teaching at Loyola University Maryland and Anne Arundel Community College, among other institutions of higher learning. Among his publications are the monograph Their Magistrates and Officials: Executive Government in Colonial Maryland, 1715-1776, and many electronic publications and educational materials now available on the State Archives’ website, plus several upcoming articles on colonial and revolutionary America.

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Marylanders Bear the Palm: Manpower and Experience as Elements of Extraordinary Military Success

During the American Revolutionary War, the soldiers of the Maryland Line rapidly gained a reputation in the Continental Army for reliability in combat, a reputation that has lasted to this day.  Contemporaries attested to the Marylanders’ tenacity as early as their first engagement, the Battle of Long Island in August of 1776:  “all [the Americans] […]

by R. J. Rockefeller