Author: Richard Sambasivam

Richard Sambasivam is a Washington, D.C.-based public policy professional whose first love was history. He has conducted economic research on the U.S. economy, financial markets, and spillovers to foreign countries. He has visited South India numerous times and is currently researching the history of Mysore to learn more about geopolitics and his roots—and to write a musical. He also writes on current affairs, economics, and politics, as well as fiction. Richard has an undergraduate degree in economics from UCLA.

Politics During the War (1775-1783) Posted on

The Tiger Aids the Eaglet: How India Secured America’s Independence

George Washington wrote “no event was ever received with a more heart felt joy” after hearing about the official alliance between the fledgling United States and the world power France.[1] It’s well established that foreign aid both before and after 1778 was crucial to America’s struggle for independence: not only did the French and other […]

by Richard Sambasivam