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Previously a lawyer with McGraw-Hill, Rand Mirante is a fundraiser for Princeton University; he graduated from Princeton and Harvard Law School. For a number of years, he taught Treason: From Henry V to John Walker Lindh in Princeton’s Writing Program, which included treatments of Benedict Arnold by John Marshall and Mercy Otis Warren. He has written Medusa’s Head, a biography of the regicide Joseph Fouché, Napoleon’s sinister and chameleonic police minister. Rand has given talks on the 1776-77 campaign to alumni, federal judges, and Washington’s descendants, and has lectured on a variety of topics ranging from the fall of New France to the Berlin Airlift on “Princeton Journeys” trips on the St. Lawrence, Danube, and Elbe Rivers and to Normandy.

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Justice, Mercy, and Treason: John Marshall’s and Mercy Otis Warren’s Treatments of Benedict Arnold

In the early years of the nineteenth century, the founders of the new American Republic were lurching forward from the shockingly successful outcome of their increasingly remote Revolution, and finding themselves immersed in the uncharted waters of nation-building. The political landscape was inflamed by passionate partisanship and varying, often vituperatively expressed visions of what course […]

by Rand Mirante