Author: Novia Liu

Novia Liu is a junior majoring in history at Stanford University. Though broadly interested in the American Founding, she concentrates on the intersection between history and law. While growing up in the suburbs of Seattle, Washington, Novia became fascinated with the ideological impacts of the American Revolution. At Stanford, she is exploring how different conceptions of government shaped the creation and early interpretation of the United States Constitution. In particular, she hopes to understand the relationship between American constitutions, the theory of mixed government, and the nature of the early republic.

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Left Behind in History: John Adams’ Misguided Defense

Today’s Americans revere the Founding Fathers as egalitarian exceptions within the eighteenth century’s hierarchical world. Yet, these men were neither uniform nor wholly democratic in their opinions. Among them, John Adams stands out as a particularly clear deviation, continuing to espouse support for the Old World’s system of natural hierarchy long after the American Revolution. […]

by Novia Liu