Author: Nicholas Westbrook

Nicholas Westbrook retired in 2009 after twenty years as Director of Fort Ticonderoga, having led development of the Thompson-Pell Research Center and reconstruction of the magasin du Roi, now the Deborah Clarke Mars Education Center. He served as Chair of the Museum Association of New York, and received the 2006 Katherine Coffey Award from the Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums. He has held fellowships from the English-Speaking Union, National Endowment for the Humanities, Society of Colonial Wars, and Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. He is an elected Member of the American Antiquarian Society, the Colonial Society of Massachusetts, and Fellow of the New York Academy of History.

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War on the Middleline

Book review: War on the Middleline: The Founding of a Community In the Kayaderosseras Patent In the Midst of the American Revolution by James E. Richmond (Lulu Publishing, September 2016) [BUY NOW ON AMAZON] The schoolbook story of the American Revolution in New York State is a series of well-celebrated dramatic exclamation points: the capture of […]

by Nicholas Westbrook