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Michael R. Gadue practiced law in Vermont for 43 years, and served as a U.S. Army Officer in active and reserve components for 31 years, with his last active-duty as Chief, US Military Liaison Team, former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia 1996-1997. He is a graduate of the U.S. Army War College, and holds B.A., M.A., M.S., J.D., and LL.M. degrees. Mike has written numerous published articles on German Auxiliaries in the American Revolution, and Highlanders in the French & Indian War, as well as for the Bulletin of the Fort Ticonderoga Museum. Mike is currently Professor of Law at Northwestern California University School of Law, Sacramento, California.

War at Sea and Waterways (1775–1783) Posted on

The Liberty: First American Warship, Among Many Firsts

One might think that the first American warship, named the Liberty, would be showered with accolades and articles touting its significant place in American history. It isn’t. Whether this deficit is because she was first owned by Loyalist Philip Skene under another name, captained by later traitor Benedict Arnold, or recaptured by the British in […]

by Michael Gadue
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The Thunderer, British Floating Gun-Battery on Lake Champlain

The radeau (French, singular for “raft”) was co-opted for eighteenth century warfare on and along Lake George and Lake Champlain, to deal with the challenges of wilderness, inland waterways. The radeau’s design was unique, incorporating a pragmatic approach to the problem of transportation and concentration of ship-mounted artillery in a self-contained transport in shallow water. The […]

by Michael Gadue