Author: Max Schreiber

Max Schreiber is an active-duty intelligence officer currently serving with the 73rd ISR Squadron (Space Force) out of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (Dayton, Ohio) and also works as an attorney at the Hamilton Lincoln Law Institute in DC, focusing on class action, first amendment, and equal protection litigation. Prior to these roles, he worked as the Bolton Caldwell Fellow with the West Virginia Solicitor General (performing the duties of assistant solicitor general). He is passionate about US history and foreign policy, and writes about both as a hobby in academic journals.

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John Adams Above the Fray: The Original Foreign Policy President

The “whole of [President John] Adams’s single term was absorbed, to a degree unequaled in any other American presidency, with a single problem”: a diplomatic crisis with France.[1] Some Federalists must have been surprised that France, the United States’s greatest ally during the Revolution, became its greatest enemy within a generation. Not Adams: As a […]

by Max Schreiber