Author: Matthew M. Montelione

Matthew M. Montelione is a Revolutionary War researcher who focuses on the local experiences of Loyalists on eastern Long Island, New York. His chief character of study is steadfast Loyalist Richard Floyd IV, a wealthy Brookhaven landowner, military officer, and judge. His work on Floyd was published in Long Island History Journal in December 2015 (VOL 24-2). Montelione also writes horror, historical fiction, and fantasy stories. His comic book project “Spirit Guild” is a fantasy miniseries set on Long Island during the American Revolution.

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Maintaining Normalcy in British-Occupied Brookhaven, Eastern Long Island, New York

In August 1776, the Crown’s disciplined forces easily displaced the unprepared Continental resistance in the Battle of Long Island, also known as the Battle of Brooklyn. It was a decisive British victory, and the surviving Patriots retreated westward across the East River and onto York Island. By September, the British army firmly occupied Long Island […]

by Matthew M. Montelione
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Patriots Against Loyalists on Eastern Long Island, 1775–1776

In 1775, within weeks of the violent clashes at Lexington and Concord, Patriots throughout the colonies established Committees of Observation to thwart Loyalists from assisting the anticipated British war effort. In the township of Brookhaven in Suffolk County on eastern Long Island, New York, the Committee of Observation was spearheaded by William Floyd, a wealthy […]

by Matthew M. Montelione