Author: John Beakes

John Beakes is co-author with Dr. Jim Piecuch of “Cool Deliberate Courage: John Eager Howard in the American Revolution” and “Light Horse Harry Lee in the War for Independence.” He is currently writing a military biography of Otho Holland Williams. Mr. Beakes is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and was an officer in nuclear submarines. He is currently the Chairman of the Board of Next Century Corporation and CEO of Operational Performance Solutions (OPS.) He has served in executive leadership positions in technology services firms for over forty years.

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The Service of Colonel William Campbell of Virginia

Colonel William Campbell was the quintessential commander for the tough, independent-minded riflemen who formed the militia units from Campbell’s home in the mountains of the southwest Virginia. Tall, muscular and dignified (although he had a fiery temperament when aroused), Campbell resembled a Scottish clan leader straight from a Sir Walter Scott novel, even carrying his […]

by John Beakes