Author: Jane Sinden Spiegel

Jane Sinden Spiegel has become an historian avidly interested in the American Revolution. Her prior professional career was in health care as a practicing physician in Los Angeles and an academic health services researcher at UCLA examining effectiveness of various healthcare programs. She received a BA from Duke University, an MD from George Washington University and an MSPH from UCLA. She enjoys writing about the American Revolution and trying to separate facts from the occasional fiction of historical events.

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The Struggle for Stability: The 1787 Federal Convention

The Articles of Confederation provided inadequate funding and guidance for the thirteen colonies during the American Revolution. After six years of fighting, the war miraculously ended with victory in 1783. The Articles of Confederation did not give the new Congress of the Confederation adequate power to govern the newly created United States of America. Financial […]

by Jane Sinden Spiegel