Author: H. Allen Skinner

Harold “Allen” Skinner Jr. Mr. Skinner has over 12 years of experience as an Army civilian historian. He holds a master’s degree in military history, and is currently pursuing an American History Ph.D. from Liberty University. The article published via JAR was adapted from a research paper wrote for his Ph.D. studies and was accepted for presentation at the 2022 Conference of Army Historians. To date, Mr. Skinner has published two Revolutionary War-focused staff ride books, with the Staff Ride Guide for the Battle of Kings Mountain selected as a finalist for the Army Historical Foundation’s 2020 Distinguished Writing Award. Mr. Skinner latest work, a campaign study of the 1780 Siege of Charleston, is projected for publication in late 2022.

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Patriots and Politics, Redcoats and Reconstruction: General Nathanael Greene’s Grand Southern Strategy

Major General Nathanael Greene’s military career presents a paradox to historians: how could a Quaker, unlearned in the art of war, become one of America’s foremost Revolutionary War generals? While historians have extensively studied Greene’s exercise of tactics and operations, Greene’s formulation and execution of grand strategy—the linking of economic, governance and security objectives with […]

by H. Allen Skinner