Author: Edna Gabler

Edna Gabler has more than thirty years experience as a writer, editor, and researcher. Her research interests include the American Revolution and early founding of the country. In 2014, she authored a chapter on the American Revolution in Eastchester, New York, for Eastchester’s 350th anniversary book. She structures domestic and international travel around this interest, including mapping out walking tours of where Franklin, Jefferson, and Adams lived, worked, and entertained in Paris. Currently, she is a member of “Revolutionary Westchester 250,” a committee planning publications and events for the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution and Westchester, New York’s, pivotal role in it.

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Will the Real Caelia Shortface Please Stand Up

Silence Dogood, Anthony Afterwit, Fanny Mournful, Caelia Shortface. Dickens’ characters? No. They’re just a few of the many evocative pen names Benjamin Franklin used to wittily present a controversial or libelous issue or two sides of an argument while remaining anonymous. As a sixteen-year-old apprentice at his brother’s paper, the New England Courant, Franklin was privy […]

by Edna Gabler
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Caught Between the Lines: Eastchester, New York, During the American Revolution

When one thinks of the American Revolution, the places that most quickly come to mind are Lexington, Concord, Bunker Hill, Valley Forge, Yorktown. Yet during the War for Independence, Eastchester, New York, located only a few miles north of Manhattan, experienced with few exceptions calamitous depredations more constant and severe than any other area of […]

by Edna Gabler