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Daniel Murphy is an independent researcher with a hands-on approach to history. He’s an avid equestrian, classically trained fencer, and long-serving cavalry reenactor of the American War for Independence. His combined knowledge of horses and period tactics give him a unique saddle perspective few historians can match. He has authored numerous articles on the Revolutionary War in both print and online magazines, and was the cavalry coordinator on two films for the National Park Service: “Cowpens: A Battle Remembered” and “Ninety-Six National Park.” He is currently researching and writing a book on Lt. Col. William Washington.

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Infantry vs. Cavalry

Throughout the War for American Independence, infantry reigned as the primary martial arm of the conflict. Their principle weapon was the smoothbore musket, followed with the bayonet. A musket had an effective range of approximately eighty yards – meaning a fired musket ball would typically land somewhere on a man sized target at eighty yards.[1]  […]

by Daniel Murphy