Author: Daniel J. Tortora

Daniel J. Tortora is a nonfiction author coach and editor—and a historian of the French and Indian War and the American Revolution, with particular interest in South Carolina, New England, and Native American history. He is the author of the George C. Rogers, Jr. Award–winning book Carolina in Crisis: Cherokees, Colonists, and Slaves in the American Southeast, 1756–1763. Daniel has taught at Duke University and Colby College. To learn more, visit

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American Generals of the Revolutionary War: Who Lived Longest and Who Died Youngest

Which American generals lived the longest? Which generals died the youngest? Some generals had quite a long life while others died young and in their prime. Here’s what I discovered regarding the longevity (and lack of longevity) of some of the Revolutionary War generals on the American side. Which American Revolutionary War general lived the […]

by Daniel J. Tortora