Author: Colin Zimmerman

Colin Zimmerman is a devoted husband and father of three and currently resides in Southern New Jersey. He obtained a master’s degree in military history from Norwich University and is currently working on a Ph.D. specializing in the American Revolution through Liberty University. Mr. Zimmerman at present serves as the Military Historian for Washington Crossing Historic Park.

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A Study in Sustainability: The Continental Encampment in Bucks County, December 1776

The standard interpretation of the Continental Army in the dark and waning months of 1776 often features ragged soldiers, devoid of clothing and basic human comforts, facing harsh winter conditions while encamped in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, prior to crossing the Delaware River. Dramatic imagery of cold and discomfort, with regiments, or what was left of […]

by Colin Zimmerman
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Burlington 1776: The Forgotten Opportunity

The 1776 campaign season had ended badly for General George Washington and the Continental Army as the dejected Patriots struggled through foul weather over primitive New Jersey roads as they marched toward Trenton in early December. To compound matters, Washington was faced with certain termination of the conflict if the situation did not dramatically improve. […]

by Colin Zimmerman