Author: Cho-Chien Feng

Cho-Chien Feng is a doctoral candidate at Saint Louis University. His academic interests include cultural, political, and intellectual history of colonial and revolutionary America. He is writing a doctoral dissertation on the cultural roots of New York Loyalist political ideology. Cho-Chien has presented his works at several academic conferences. He has received a residential research fellowship at Robert H. Smith International Center for Jefferson Studies in 2015 and he was a Library Resident Research Fellow at the American Philosophical Society in July 2016. He is living at Saint Louis, Missouri, with his wife and three boys.

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The Revolutionary Memories of New York Loyalists: Thomas Jones and William Smith, Jr.

The American Revolution produced different meanings for Patriots and Loyalists. After the end of the Revolutionary war, the pressing issue was no longer the problem of independence or the Imperial Crisis, but the problem of nationhood, and how this newly created nation should be run. Arthur Shaffer argued that the fact that “a diverse group […]

by Cho-Chien Feng