Author: Cameron Boutin

Cameron Boutin is a first-year student in the doctoral program in history at the University of Kentucky. He graduated from the masters in history program at Northeastern University and recently completed a summer fellowship with the Newport Historical Society. He also has worked internships with the Carpenter Museum in Rehoboth, MA and the Providence Preservation Society. His area of interest is early United States military history with a particular focus on examining wars and conflicts from an environmental perspective.

The War Years (1775-1783) Posted on

The 1st Rhode Island Regiment and Revolutionary America’s Lost Opportunity

As the battered Continental Army encamped in Valley Forge for the winter of 1777-1778 after a year of setbacks and defeats, Gen. James Varnum, the commander of the Rhode Island troops, proposed to George Washington that his state’s two depleted regiments be combined into a single formation, and that the extra officers be sent home […]

by Cameron Boutin