Author: Brian Patrick O'Malley

Brian P. O’Malley is a writer and real estate agent in Atlantic Beach, Florida. He earned a Master of Arts in history from the University of North Florida (Jacksonville). His writings include the occasional editorial in Folio Weekly (Jacksonville) and a 2008 Op-Ed piece in The Washington Post, “Lessons on Iraq From a Founding Father.” He blogs on historical subjects at

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What Killed Prisoners of War?—A Medical Investigation

Editor’s Note: This article contains graphic medical descriptions. Throughout the Revolutionary War, prisoners learned that dysentery accompanied starvation. Confined to the prison ship Jersey in 1781, Christopher Hawkins described rations “not sufficient to satisfy the calls of hunger.” In the next two sentences, Hawkins mentioned that “the bloody flux or dyssenterry” prevailed on the Jersey, from […]

by Brian Patrick O'Malley