Author: Brian Gerring

Brian Gerring is a retired U. S. Army soldier who served his final twenty-five years in the Army’s Special Forces, which included multiple combat deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq. He has worked with and trained military personnel worldwide. He gained his interest in all things related to the military as a young boy during America’s Bicentennial celebration, during which his family was involved in Revolutionary War re-enacting. He holds a BS degree in Strategic Studies and Defense and a MA degree in Military History from Norwich University.

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La Petite Guerre and American Indian Irregular Warfare: Siblings, But Not Twins

When the major European powers began to use light troops in the mid-eighteenth century, they typically employed them in a manner of war that the French labeled as la petite guerre. Troops participating in la petite guerre operated separately from the main army, often using speed and maneuver for quick attacks and ambushes in support of […]

by Brian Gerring