Author: Alex Colvin

Alex Colvin is in his senior year at University of Houston where he is majoring in history and minoring in anthropology. His senior-level coursework involved extensive study and research in the American Revolution, under the guidance of historian James Kirby Martin, Ph. D. Colvin is also the charter president of the Walter Prescott Webb Historical Society (2014-2015) at the University of Houston, and is also an experienced genealogist. His work on the Clayton House was recently published by Houston History magazine.

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Religious Liberty in Virginia: How “Dissenters” Parlayed Oppression into Freedom

Virginia’s role in helping to spearhead disestablishment and religious freedom has not received the treatment it deserves although it was, itself, a moving force behind Virginia’s entrée into the revolution. It was, in fact, Virginia which ultimately spearheaded and codified separation of church and state, after a reform movement which itself played a significant role […]

by Alex Colvin