Author: Adrina Garbooshian-Huggins

Adrina Garbooshian-Huggins is an associate editor at the Papers of George Washington project at the University of Virginia. She has been a co-editor and editor of volumes of The Papers of George Washington, Revolutionary War Series, and Presidential Series. She formerly worked as an assistant editor at The Papers of Benjamin Franklin at Yale University. She received her Ph.D. in Modern Languages from Wayne State University in 2006. She has written blogs on a variety of topics on George Washington and made editorial contributions to the George Washington Financial Papers Project. She is one of the editors of the addendum series at the Papers of George Washington.

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Johnson Cook: Patriot Warrior

In the fall of 1796, just months before George Washington’s presidency ended, thirty-six-year-old Revolutionary War veteran Johnson Cook (1760-1848), a Connecticut native, petitioned the president for financial assistance and entreated him to spare Cook from living out his final days “neglected.” In his two-page manuscript letter to Washington, written on October 1, 1796, from Marietta […]

by Adrina Garbooshian-Huggins