The Dave Nemo Show to Celebrate the Fourth of July with Three JAR Contributors


June 29, 2018
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Don Hagist.

This July 4th, Sirius XM radio personality Dave Nemo has invited Don Hagist, Wayne Lynch, and James Kirby Martin to discuss aspects of the American Revolution for his more than 1.3 million listeners across North America. The program will broadcast from 8:00–11:00 am  eastern on Sirius XM 146. “I’m excited to able to talk about Revolutionary War history to such a large audience, Journal of the American Revolution Editor Hagist said, “because some of the issues faced by our forefathers are very much like those we face today. Should the federal government have more authority than state governments? Is it possible for a well-trained military to end an insurgency in a distant land? How can liberals and conservatives come to agreement on fundamental aspects of governance? People wrestled with these same types of issues during the American Revolution and it’s important that we see that as we struggle with them today.”Don will present five fundamental misconceptions about the Revolution: the “colonists rebelled because taxes were too high;” the Revolution “began on April 19, 1775;” the “British lost because the Americans outfought them,” the “war ended at Yorktown in October 1781;” and it was, “smooth sailing for the United States once peace was declared.”

Wayne Lynch at Francis Marion’s Tomb.

Wayne Lynch, a frequent contributor to JAR, will present the Revolutionary War in the South, focusing on the “risings” that occurred in the region, such as the men of the Presbyterian Uprising in June 1780. “They were fierce and independent,” Lynch explained. “They were not soldiers who owed duty to an army. They were just men from the back country determined not to owe their lives to the British.  Each one of these men chose his own moment to rise up and, oddly enough, the moment of decision was so important to them that it shows up as a major theme in the pension application files for them. I like to call the men of June 1780 the ‘Early Risers’. They were particularly bold, choosing to take their stand at a time when all seemed dark in the world of South Carolina and Georgia. A time when the rest of the nation seemed to surrender and leave our partisans to fight their own war in their own way.”

James Kirby Martin.

James Kirby Martin will introduce listeners to the complicated story of America’s favorite villain, Benedict Arnold, as a means to discuss the process of a historian. “How do you recover and tell the story of a life that has been explained through so many myths and half-truths,” Martin related.

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