New Novel Depicts Real American Revolution Life


May 1, 2017
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Spies and Deserters is an exciting new novel by Martin R. Ganzglass that depicts real life experiences during the Revolutionary War. It follows eighteen-year-old Will Stoner, a lieutenant in General Henry Knox’s artillery regiment, and his friend, Private Adam Cooper, an African American in the Marblehead Mariners, from the bleak, disease ridden camp at Valley Forge through the cauldron of the summer heat of the Battle of Monmouth Courthouse, to the bloody, vicious guerrilla war between Whig and Tory militias and irregulars in southern New Jersey. By drawing on diaries, original letters, military orders and broadsheets, Spies and Deserters creates an accurate picture of the everyday lives of ordinary soldiers, merchants and farmers, women, Whigs, Loyalists and Hessians, all caught up in the revolution.

Thoroughly researched, this novel, and the others in the series—Cannons for the Cause, Tories and Patriots, and Blood Upon the Snoware ideal as supplementary reading for students and teachers alike. Each novel contains endnotes with quotations from original sources as well as interpretations of events by well-known historians. There is also an extensive bibliography.

Available from Amazon and Kindle.


    1. This print, a highly stylized depiction is:
      The Taking of Major André. By the Incorruptible Paulding, Williams, and Vanvert, published by T. W. Freeman, Philadelphia, July 4, 1812, hand-colored mezzotint, 13 x 9 in. (35 x 24.9 cm), Anne S. K. Brown Military Collection, John Hay Library, Brown University, Providence, R.I.

    2. Mr. Hagist is absolutely correct. There is a question about whether the three men who apprehended Major Andre were “incorruptible” patriots or highway men who were lucky both to catch him and realize his value. They were subsequently awarded pensions by Congress.

  • I clicked on the link for Amazon and it looks like it’s only available in paperback. (Not Kindle too). I’ll have to keep checking back to see if it does.

    1. The Kindle version usually becomes available approximately a week after the print version. I appreciate your continued patience.

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