Unending Passions: The Knox Letters


January 16, 2013
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Unending Passions: The Knox Letters by Pamela MurrowUnending Passions: The Knox Letters, by Pamela Murrow, is a remarkable collection of never before transcribed personal letters between Revolutionary War Major General Henry Knox and his wife Lucy Flucker Knox. Purchase the book for $19.99 at Amazon.com.

Knox married Lucy Flucker, a charming young girl from a staunch Tory family. By marrying Henry Knox she pledged herself to the American cause and by doing so, was never to see her family again. The letters are a revelation of the very high esteem in which the Knoxes held each other from the day they met when Lucy was just a girl of 14 until Henry’s death some 36 years later.

Spanning the years and the hardships of the Revolutionary War, Henry and Lucy give a first-hand account of their fears, their worries, their triumphs and their love of their country and their love for each other. Pick up your copy today.




One thought on “Unending Passions: The Knox Letters

  • Many people recognize the name of General Henry Knox. He was the self-taught Artillery General under General George Washington during the Revolutionary War. He was brave and ingenious. Many people, however, may not be aware of the beautiful love and friendship he had with his wife, Lucy Flucker Knox.
    Lucy came from a staunchly Loyalist family. Her love for Henry forced her to give up her ties with her family. Together, they faced the hardships of the Revolutionary War along with the heartbreak of the loss of most of their children.
    Pamela Murrow’s book, “Unending Passions: The Knox Letters” brings the story of these two amazing people to life. Never before have I read a book of such love, devotion, and sacrifice from two people for each other and for the country and ideals they loved. I highly recommend this book both to those who are interested in the Revolutionary War and those who love incredible romance stories.

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