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This Week on Dispatches: Ken Shumate on the Sugar Act of 1733

On this week’s Dispatches host Brady Crytzer interviews Marine Corps veteran, software developer, and JAR contributor Ken Shumate on the history and significance of the Sugar, or Molasses, Act of 1733. Thousands of readers like you enjoy the articles published by the Journal of the American Revolution. Dispatches is a free podcast that puts a voice […]

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“America will suffer for a time only . . . But the Loss to Great Britain will be irretrievable”: Reasons Against the Renewal of the Sugar Act, Part 1 of 3

In early 1764, four British colonies in North America protested the enforcement and planned renewal of the about-to-expire Sugar Act of 1733 (also known as the Molasses Act of 1733)—an act that levied duties on foreign sugar, rum and molasses. Each protest was a statement of reasons against the renewal. These protests—lodged before passage of […]

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