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Attended with Disagreeable Consequences: Cross-Border Shopping for Loyalist Provisions, 1783–1784

In the months following the end of the American Revolutionary War, British authorities in Canada desperately required supplies for refugee Loyalists slated to be resettled in that northern colony. The cross-border market that they targeted to meet these supply demands was ironic. They looked southward to a region of the United States that, during the […]

by Stuart Lyall Manson
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Disarming the Disaffected

In a previous article I said that there are “times when a gun would have come in real handy” but there were no guns to be found.[1] Well the flip side to that coin is when guns aren’t so useful—at least not to you—and those incidents generally involve guns that are being aimed at you. […]

by Thomas Verenna
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New York’s Mohawk Valley Region-America’s First Frontier

The path of America’s struggle for Independence was heavily traversed through the beautiful vistas, pasture land, and streams of the Mohawk Valley Region. Nearly 300 battles were fought during the American Revolution, and almost 100 of these contests were fought on New York soil. At MohawkValleyHistory.com you can explore Central New York’s rich history and […]

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