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The Military Library

An essential part of a gentleman’s possessions was a good library, containing books on a variety of subjects to reinforce a well-rounded classical education. Besides books on agriculture, literature, history, geography and arts, a selection of military books were a likely part of this library. In an era of militias officered by the gentleman class, […]

by Don N. Hagist
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Militia and Continentals

For contemporary Americans the difference between militia and regular, or “Continental,” soldiers is hard to grasp. Both fought in the war. Both suffered casualties. Both have supporters who claim they won the war. For decades after the Revolution, politicians spouted clouds of hot air on the subject, mostly aimed at denigrating the regular army in […]

by Thomas Fleming
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Washington’s Five Books

On 10 November 1775, slightly more than four months after he had taken command of the American troops besieging Boston, Gen. George Washington sent a list of books to an old military colleague in Virginia. William Woodford (1734–1780) had just been reappointed an officer for their home colony. Woodford complained about the “inexperience” of his […]

by J. L. Bell
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The 10 Commandments of American Victory

While recently watching “The Ten Commandments,” starring Charlton Heston, I pondered a few thoughts.  First, they don’t make flicks like that anymore.  Secondly, wouldn’t the Patriots have benefited from having a set of rules like the Ten Commandments to guide their struggle for independence?  Lastly, that the editors of this Journal were waiting for me […]

by Michael Schellhammer
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The Revolution’s 150-year Impact on Military Policy

For the enhanced e-version of Reporting the Revolutionary War, I filmed interviews with several of the book’s historian contributors.  My questions covered a lot of ground, including military strategy, print culture, politics, health, logistics, etc.  We finished with 100+ video segments totaling more than five hours of Q&A. Frequently, our conversations went off on tangents […]

by Todd Andrlik