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This Week on Dispatches: Stuart Lyall Manson on Securing Provisions for American Loyalists in the Upper Saint Lawrence

On this week’s Dispatches, host Brady Crytzer interviews independent Canadian historian and JAR contributor Stuart Lyall Manson on his fascinating research into the political and logistical difficulties of supplying food for American Loyalists who settled in Canada’s Upper Saint Lawrence region after the war. New episodes of Dispatches are available for free every Saturday evening (Eastern […]

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Attended with Disagreeable Consequences: Cross-Border Shopping for Loyalist Provisions, 1783–1784

In the months following the end of the American Revolutionary War, British authorities in Canada desperately required supplies for refugee Loyalists slated to be resettled in that northern colony. The cross-border market that they targeted to meet these supply demands was ironic. They looked southward to a region of the United States that, during the […]

by Stuart Lyall Manson
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Loyalist Slave-Owning Refugees in Postwar Jamaica

The two forces of paternalism and slavery shaped the lives of Loyalist slaveowners in the postwar British Empire. Historians rarely connect these forces in attempts to understand the relationship between refugees, colonial hosts, and British officials. In the postwar era, British officials treated Loyalists as an itinerant population to resettle to aid imperial expansion. In […]

by Patrick E. Brady