Annual Volume 2015


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53 essays, 36 writers, 400+ pages, 9″ x 6″

(ISBN: 9781594162282; Westholme Publishing; May 2015; $35.00 U.S.; Jacketed Hardcover; History)

This volume is the first book of the Journal of the American Revolution-Westholme Publishing partnership and, unlike the first print edition in 2013, this is a more traditional book in size and design. “The content is absolutely outstanding,” according to one Amazon review. “As a non-scholarly American Revolution aficionado I am deeply impressed with the body of work that is presented in this and the previous volume. The many, many articles are unique, diverse, interesting, thorough and provide insight and information outside the many dozens of books that I have previously readon the American Revolution.” It features a comprehensive index and essays by Bob Ruppert, Mary Nesnay, Jerome Palliser, J. L. Bell, John L. Smith, Jr., Dave Malinsky, Elizabeth M. Covart, Ray Raphael, Hershel Parker, Derek W. Beck, William M. Welsch, Norman Fuss, Michael Barbieri, Hugh T. Harrington, Thomas Verenna, Todd Andrlik, Jimmy Dick, Don N. Hagist, Gary Shattuck, Joshua Shepherd, Gene Procknow, John A. Nagy, Todd W. Braisted, Jackson Kuhl, Kim Burdick, Nancy K. Loane, Jim Piecuch, Wayne Lynch, Benjamin Huggins, Christian M. McBurney, Daniel Murphy, Michael Cecere, Jack Kelly, Andrew O’Shaughnessy, Mary V. Thompson and Joseph Manca.

Some of the questions and curiosities addressed in this volume include:

  • Who was Crispus Attucks besides a casualty of the Boston Massacre?
  • How did Samuel Adams really recruit the Sons of Liberty?
  • Was Benjamin Franklin America’s first whistle blower?
  • Why did the Continental Congress ban theatre?
  • Who else helped Paul Revere on his “midnight ride”?
  • What was the first naval skirmish of the American Revolution?
  • Why is Billy Flora one of the true heroes of the Revolution?
  • What weapons did Benjamin Franklin suggest for the war?
  • Did American Patriots really disarm peaceable citizens?
  • How old were soldiers in the British army?
  • Who tried to assassinate George Washington, and how was the plot foiled?
  • What critical contributions did Silas Deane make to the war effort?
  • What’s the difference between a Lord, a Baron and a Count?
  • What was the greatest siege during the Revolution?
  • Who were the top American Loyalist officers?
  • Patriot and Loyalist: What if a man served both sides, almost equally?
  • How did kidnapping plots by both sides unravel?
  • Who outfoxed the “Swamp Fox”?

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